Course Catalog

Fundamentals of Kabbalah

The Fundamentals Course introduces you to key Kabbalistic concepts, including the evolution of desires, the operating program of humanity, the perception of reality and free will. Experienced instructors help you understand the forces that have caused the world to develop from its initial creation until today, and how these forces continue to drive us forward. Each class provides you with the opportunity to ask the instructor questions as the concepts are presented and explained.

The Fundamentals Course gives you the foundation you need to continue your Kabbalistic studies as you learn how to put these concepts into practice.

Prerequisite: None

Duration:  10 weeks


Intermediate Kabbalah

In the Intermediate Course, you will delve into Kabbalistic articles that focus specifically on the role that society plays in Kabbalah. The concept of group work will be introduced along with the ways that one's society can be used to realize the goals of the study faster. In addition, you will begin your study of the Structure of Creation, exploring the chain of events from the initial thought of creation through the spiritual event known as "the breaking of the vessels" and down to the creation of our world. 

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Kabbalah

Duration:  10 weeks


Advanced Kabbalah

The Advanced Course is preparation to put the concepts that have been learned into practical application. In addition, you will begin to participate with the Graduate Program students in in-depth studies of Kabbalah.

Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Kabbalah and Intermediate Kabbalah

Duration:  10 weeks


Course Instructors

The Kabbalah Education Center instructors are advanced students of Dr. Michael Laitman, who continues the teaching tradition that began with Abraham thousands of years ago. The study program is based on sources from the greatest Kabbalists of all times: The Zohar, works of the Ari, and the writings of Baal HaSulam. The instructors will be your guides, helping you understand the concepts and language needed for you to progress on your personal journey.

Dr. Laitman takes a personal interest in the Kabbalah Education Center and will at times give classes or present material geared specifically towards Kabbalah Education Center students. Through the study process, you will develop the foundation needed to study directly with Dr. Laitman and to watch his lessons, which are broadcast from Bnei Baruch and watched by many thousands of students around the world.