Student Services


The Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center offers students many services in addition to the live class. These services are designed to help you connect with other students, with the material being taught, and with the larger Bnei Baruch community.

  • Question and Answer Forum (Facebook Groups): The Q&A Forum is available 24 hours a day, enabling you to ask questions about the material whenever they arise for you. Instructors and advanced students will provide answers based on the teachings of the Kabbalists. In addition, questions from other students can enhance your own learning experience by bringing a different perspective to the material.
  • Kabbalah Education Center Lesson Archive: All lessons are recorded and posted in the Lesson Archive. If you have to miss a class, or if you simply wish to review the material, you can access the archive at any time to view or download the lesson.
  • Kabbalah Library: Bnei Baruch maintains the largest library of authentic Kabbalah material in the world. All of the class materials are available in the library, plus much more. Feel free to explore the library at your leisure and read whatever strikes your interest. Visit the Kabbalah Library now
  • Kabbalah Convention: An optional 3 day weekend where you can study with Rav Laitman and meet your classmates and other students from around the world.