Explore the mysteries of The Zohar

The Zohar Was Written To Fulfill Today's New Desire

The Zohar described humanity's current situation 2,000 years ago – the growing stress, depression, and global problems. It explains that the solutions to these problems lie in discovering the true reality we're in, one that is born from a new desire that will lead us to unlimited, everlasting fulfillment. This is a desire that transcends man's self-centeredness, a desire to reveal the harmony that already exists in potential if man will realize it.

The Zohar was written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and nine of his students, who all dedicated their lives to finding the answers to life's fundamental questions. In doing so, together they attained the complete picture of reality. They wrote The Zohar to help us fulfill this new desire in our era. It is written in a hidden language that seemingly contains all kinds of fables, pictures and historical events. In order to discover what The Zohar is truly talking about, guidance is needed with the text. Through this study, one undergoes inner changes that develop an additional perception of reality within the person, enabling the person to start seeing the spiritual world described inThe Zohar.